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Chris Geelhart
Last Update: 7/11/2006
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North Dakota Highways Page Updates:

7/11/2006: The entire site has been moved to a diffent ISP, and I used the opportunity to get a domain name, The domain will also be used for my Nebraska and South Dakota pages. The Nebraska page can be directly accessed using .

4/29/03: Added links to new Montana homepage. Updated some of the graphics, and updated the page layout to cut down on the size of the right margin. Added a page for North Dakota map clips.

2/15/03: Updated links for the exit listings (Highway Heaven) and for routes going into Minnesota, due to homepage relocations.

11/8/02: Updated text pages and reformatted them with HTML 4.01 code. Fixed some bad links on US-81, US-83, US-85 and US-281 sections.

10/9/02: Updated page layouts. Reformatted HTML code to be HTML 4.01 compliant.

8/17/02: Added map clips on the de-evolving of ND-44. Went through the site and verified the outside links. Did some general HTML cleanup. Added graphic for US-281S, which I accidentally left off in December.

3/10/02: Added information on historical I-31.

12/28/01: Added historical US-281S. Updated external links. Added exit listings links for I-29 and I-94; added links to Kurumi's I-194 page and AARoads' I-94 business loop/spur page. Added information on planned improvements to ND-1804. Changed the webring. Created new shields for historical routes US-2N, US-2S, and US-59.

5/27/01: Added text version of the North Dakota Highways page. Fixed some links, mainly on the Highways 100 and Up page.

11/18/00: Fixed some links, added outside links to US and Interstate routes, updated BIA highway graphics, added additional local attractions (with web page links where available).

9/1/00: Updated information for ALT ND-23, US-83, I-194, ND-200A, and ND-810. Also posted pictures of TRUCK (ALT) ND-23 on the Highways 1-30 page, and the ND-200/US-85/TRUCK ND-23 junction on the Highways 100 and Up page. All this is courtesy of Ed Wilson, reporting in from his road trip to the area. Thanks Ed!

4/5/00: Switched the page to a frames format. Did some tweeking of a few entries, based on maps from 1939, 1963, and 1965. Added some clips from the 1964 Rand McNally atlas to the individual route pages.

2/1/00: Added information about ND-10, ND-17, I-29, ND-44, and US-81. This was provided by North Dakota native Ryan Fischer. Thanks!

8/16/99: Modified some listings due to recent acquisitions of state maps from 1939, the early 1950's, 1965, and 1970. Added historic ND-63.

4/26/99: Added listings for historic US-2N and US-2S. Added color bars to represent when highways were decommissioned.

3/12/99: I have added listings for the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) highway network. I also added listings for US-281 (forgot to put it on before), ND-281, ND-256, ND-10, and ALT ND-23. Added the sign graphics for historic ND-61 and historic ND-62, which I had accidentally left off from the last update. Split off ND-200A and ALT ND-200 into separate listings. Most of the other listings had minor updates, due to information from the North Dakota Atlas and Gazeteer. On the main page, I added links to my South Dakota and Nebraska pages.

1/3/99: I was able to make a couple dozen changes, after review of 1940 and 1950 copies of the Rand McNally atlases. Based on this and closer review of the latest atlases, I have also added the following routes: ND-26, historic ND-29, historic ND-33, ND-36, ND-38, historic ND-39, ND-45, historic ND-47, historic ND-55, historic US-59, historic ND-61, and historic ND-62.

10/12/98: Original version of ND Highways page.