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Last Update: 7/11/2006
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North Dakota Map Clips

US-281S in 1939
This 1939 Skelly Oil map clip shows the existence of US-281S west of Devils Lake. I do not know if there was also a US-281N in the same area.

Fargo-Moorhead in 1964
This 1964 Rand McNally atlas close-up of the Fargo-Moorhead area showed I-94 complete in this area, but construction of I-29 had yet to begin. Note the designation of US-62 on the road heading southeast from Moorhead; this should be US-52.

ND-44 History
A look back at the evolution of I-29, and the reduction of ND-44. Originally, ND-44 ran along the North Dakota/Minnesota border in the areas where US-81 diverted to its more westerly routing through Grafton. By 1959, when I-29 was planned, it was to follow the ND-44 alignment in this area. By 1963, I-29 and ND-44 were on a 2-lane alignment from Drayton northward. Today, ND-44 only encompasses a small stretch south of Drayton.

I-31 planned in 1957 I-29 approved in 1958
1957 draft of plans for the Interstate highway system had I-31 running between Fargo and Pembina; I-29 had been designated from Sioux Falls, S.D. to Kansas City, Mo. By the time the plan was finalized in June 1958, I-29 was extended north to its present position. Maps courtesy of AASHTO.