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Welcome to the Nebraska Highways Page! Settle in, and we'll cruise the highways of the Cornhusker State.

Interstate Highway System
I-80 Shield

The Interstate Highway system in Nebraska began in 1957 with construction of a portion of I-80 near Gretna. I-80, a major east-west route across the U.S., was completed in Nebraska in October of 1974. In addition, Nebraska is also served by I-76 for a few miles, by I-180 going into Lincoln, and the I-480 and I-680 freeways around Omaha. I-129 also enters Nebraska for a couple miles in South Sioux City.

U.S. Highway System
US-77 Shield

The U.S. Highway network debuted in Nebraska in 1926, and many of these routes remain today. The east-west routes are numbered US-6, US-20, US-26, US-30, US-34, US-136, US-138 and historical routes US-38 and ALT US-30. The north-south routes are US-73, US-75, US-77, US-81, US-83, US-159, US-183, US-275, US-281, US-283, and historical US-383.

State Highway System
N-2 Shield

Spur and Link Shield

Recreation Road shield

A two-tiered system of state highways is in use. The primary system uses 1 to 3 digits. Numbers were basically used in sequence, or were referenced off the parent route. In a couple cases, routes were numbered for continuity from other states (N-71, N-92, N-370), or were directed by legislation (N-250).

The secondary system is made up of spurs and links. The leading character "S" or "L" designates the spur or link, the middle number is based on the county number (alphabetical order), and the trailing letter indicates the sequence in the county. This system came into place in the 1970's.

Recreation roads are also present in some locations. These lead to state parks and recreation areas. These are numbered similarly to the spur and link roads.

Sources of information used:

From my personal collection...

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I had a lot of assistance from Dennis Smith of Lincoln, NE, via his personal collection and contacts at the Nebraska Department of Roads...

  • 1922 Standard Oil (Rand McNally) map of Nebraska.
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  • "A Story of Highway Development in Nebraska" (1997 rev.) by George Koster of the Nebraska Dept. of Roads.

This page is maintained by: Chris Geelhart.

Standard Disclaimer: Although several folks at the Nebraska Department of Roads know about this page, it is not officially endorsed by them.


Research on U.S. highway history has been aided by Robert Droz and his US Highway History website. While I made many of the sign graphics on my own, the Interstate and historical US shields, and the current state shields, were generated through David Kendrick's "Shields Up!" page. Also, thanks to Steve Moreland, Matt Hopkin, and Matt Wolff, who have provided historical and current information on some of the highways in the state.

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