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Original Nebraska Highway Shield
The Original Nebraska Highway Network

Source: 1922 Rand McNally "Auto Trails, State of Nebraska" map

Route Named Road Alignment Current
N-10 King of Trails,
George Washington National Highway,
Golden Rod Highway
Nebraska City to Falls City US-75, US-73
N-11 George Washington National Highway Omaha to Nebraska City US-75
N-12 George Washington National Highway Blair to Omaha US-75
N-13 George Washington National Highway South Sioux City to Fremont US-77
N-14 Cornhusker Highway Lincoln to Kansas border south of Blue Springs US-77
N-15 Cornhusker Highway Fremont to Lincoln N-109, US-77
N-17 None Yankton, SD, to Wayne N-15
N-18 Golden Rod Highway Beatrice to Verdon US-136, N-4, N-99, N-8, US-73
N-19 Golden Rod Highway Beatrice to Auburn US-136
N-20 None Syracuse to Nebraska City N-2
N-21 Omaha-Lincoln-Denver Highway Lincoln to Gretna US-6
N-22 Black Hills Trail Fremont to Omaha US-275, N-64
N-23 None Ponca to West Point N-9, N-16
N-24 None Murray to south of Elmwood N-1
N-25 Meridian Highway Fairmont to Kansas border south of Hebron US-81
N-26 Meridian Highway Stromsburg to Fairmont US-81
N-27 Meridian Highway, Golden Rod Trail Stromsburg to Schuyler US-81, N-92, N-15
N-28 None Albion to Madison N-91, N-45, N-32
N-29 Meridian Highway Niobrara to Madison N-13, N-59, N-121, US-81
N-30 Golden Rod Highway Hebron to Beatrice US-136
N-31 None Crete to Fairbury N-103, N-41, N-15
N-32 Omaha-Lincoln-Denver Highway Fairmont to east of Crete US-6, N-33
N-33 Seward-York-Aurora Highway York to Lincoln US-34
N-34 None David City to Seward N-15
N-35 None Wayne to Schuyler N-15
N-36 Bee Line Fremont to Blair US-30
N-37 None Norfolk to Tekamah N-24, US-275, N-32
N-38 Columbus to Fremont US-30
N-39 Sunflower Trail Aurora to Kansas border near Superior N-14
N-40 Omaha-Lincoln-Denver Highway Hastings to Fairmont US-6
N-41 None Grand Island to Red Cloud US-281
N-42 Seward-York-Aurora Highway Grand Island to Seward US-34
N-43 Lincoln Highway Grand Island to Columbus US-30
N-44 Golden Rod Trail Polk to Stromsburg Unnumbered
N-45 None Greeley to Fullerton US-281, N-22
N-46 None Neligh to Albion N-14
N-48 None Atkinson to Greeley via Bartlett N-11 and US-281, but mostly unnumbered roads
N-49 Grant Highway Southeast of Butte to Neligh via Page and Ewing US-281, N-S45A, N-L45B, US-20, US-275, and a couple unnumbered roads
N-50 Black Hills Sioux Trail South Dakota border northwest of Butte to Sparta N-11, N-12
N-51 Black Hills, Loup River and Omaha Trail Northeast of Burwell to Greeley via North Loup N-11, N-22
N-52 Golden Rod Highway Alma to Superior US-136
N-53 Omaha-Lincoln-Denver Highway Holdrege to Hastings US-6, US-34
N-54 Sunflower Trail Kearney to Kansas border south of Riverton N-10, US-136, and an unnumbered road
N-55 None Holdrege to Alma US-183
N-56 None Holdrege to Oxford US-6, US-34
N-57 None Curtis to Holdrege N-18, N-23
N-58 Lincoln Highway Kearney to Grand Island US-30
N-59 Potash Highway Ansley to west of Grand Island N-2
N-61 None Arcadia to Boelus N-58
N-62 None St. Paul to north of Grand Island US-281
N-63 None Burwell to Ansley N-91, US-183
N-64 Black Hills, Loup River and Omaha Trail Bassett to Taylor US-183
N-65 None Valentine to O'Neill via Norden and Johnstown N-12, US-20, US-183, N-7, and a couple unnumbered roads
N-66 None Springview to Ainsworth Unnumbered (but close to US-183)
N-67 Omaha-Lincoln-Denver Highway Culbertson to Oxford via Beaver City US-6, US-34, US-283, N-89, N-46
N-68 Highline Highway Colorado border at Venango to Culbertson via Wallace N-23, N-25, US-6
N-69 Omaha-Lincoln-Denver Highway Colorado border at Lamar to Culbertson US-6
N-70 Burlington Highway Colorado border west of Benkelman to Culbertson US-34
N-71 Lincoln Highway North Platte to Kearney US-30
N-72 Alfalfa Trail Mullen to Arnold N-92, N-97
N-73 Potash Highway Dunning to Merna N-2, N-92
N-74 None Brewster to Dunning N-91
N-75 Potash Highway Hyannis to Mullen N-2
N-76 Potash Highway Alliance to Hyannis N-2
N-77 Blue Pole Route Merriman to Valentine US-20
N-78 Blue Pole Route Hay Springs to Merriman US-20
N-79 Grant Highway Wyoming border west of Harrison to Hay Springs US-20
N-80 Black Hills Loup Highway South Dakota border north of Chadron to Alliance US-385
N-81 Blue Grass Road Gretna to Bellevue NE=370
N-82 Lincoln Highway Ogallala to North Platte US-30
N-83 Lincoln Highway Sidney to Ogallala US-30, US-385
N-84 Lincoln Highway Wyoming border at Pine Bluffs, WY, to Sidney US-30
N-85 None Arthur to Ogallala via Keystone US-30, but mostly unnumbered
N-86 North Platte Valley Highway Broadwater to Sutherland US-26, N-92
N-87 North Platte Valley Highway Wyoming border at Henry to Broadwater US-26, N-92
N-88 None Scottsbluff to Kimball N-71