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Last Update: 7/14/2006
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Updates to the Nebraska Highways Page

7/11/2006: The entire site has been moved to a diffent ISP, and I used the opportunity to get a domain name, The domain will also be used for my North Dakota and South Dakota pages. The Nebraska page can be directly accessed using . I verified all of the links on the individual pages, and added links to new construction projects.

10/18/2005: I'm embarrased to report that I had an update done August 2004 and never uploaded it. I'm even more embarrased to report that I no longer remember what I changed at that time. :-) So, I've gone through the pages and have done some general updates (off-site links, etc). I also updated information on N-63 and N-66, due to an extension of the latter over portions of the former.

1/18/2004: Updated links for roads going into Iowa and Colorado, due to changes at those web sites. Added links to NDOR information on construction projects for US-77 in Lincoln and I-480/US-75 in Omaha, and changed the link for the West Dodge (US-6) project.

9/10/2003: Updated all Interstate, US and current state highway graphics, using David Kendrick's "Shields Up!" program. Added some information on future upgrades of N-50, and additional history of I-129, I-480, I-580, and I-680. Updated links for AARoads' Interstate guides.

3/30/2003: After reviewing the latest Nebraska Highway Reference Log Book (dated 12/31/01), I updated all routes to set the distance equal to what was posted in the log. In many cases, I also added multiplexed routes that I missed the first time around. Updated the exit listing links.

1/16/2003: Switched N-38 to "historical" status and updated history on this route. Added information on historical CITY US-6.

12/8/2002: With several recent map acquisitions, I was able to update well over 2/3 of the route histories on the pages. I was also able to add the following 17 historical routes: N-2B, N-13E, N-13W, N-14A, N-18A, N-34, N-63, N-69, N-85, N-92, N-103, N-109, N-120, N-125, N-203, N-330, N-534. Removed historical N-11. Added links to the Federal Highway Adminstration's (FHWA) histories of US-6 and US-30.

10/22/2002: Added a separate historical N-106 listing and added historical N-131. Updated N-7, N-49, N-105, and historical routes N-80, N-101, N-104, N-106, and N-165.

10/14/2002: Updated page layouts. Minor updates to N-2 and US-275. Updated links for routes going into Iowa, due to a homepage relocation. Cleaned up HTML coding to make page HTML 4.01 compliant.

9/17/2002: Updated the north end of N-14, added a third segment of N-27, and added N-96.

8/11/2002: Added links to NDOR projects on N-35 south of South Sioux City, and US-6 (West Dodge Road) in Omaha, and to pictures of emergency reconstruction of I-80 near Ogallala. Repaired some dead links. Updated N-15 for extension to South Dakota border. Updated the "Attractions Along the Way" features and added Web links where available.

12/6/2001: Added more details for I-480, and historical I-280 and I-580. Added links to Kurumi's 3di pages for I-129, I-180, I-280, I-480, I-580 and I-680, and added links to AARoads' Interstate Terminus Pages for these routes.

11/20/2001: Repaired some dead links, mainly to Colorado and Oklahoma highway pages. For historical US-38, I-80S and US-383, added links to corresponding Colorado and Kansas historical data. Changed the Web Ring.

7/15/2001: Updated US-275 listing.

5/8/2001: Many updates have been made. The basic changes are: 1) Updated links for roads going into Iowa, due to relocation of the Iowa Highways Page; 2) Added information as necessary on 1922 route numbers in the route listings section (still have the separate page for more information); 3) Added signs for named routes as known. Also added historical N-6A, N-1116, N-165, N-274 and City US-26. New shields added for historical US routes.

12/14/2000: Updated listings for the following: N-2, US-26, US-30, N-61, N-71, N-87, US-275, and US-385. Also switched all "NE-##" references to the "N-##" format used by the Department of Roads. Updated the links for routes going into adjacent states, and added links for all states that an Interstate or U.S. route passes through.

8/31/2000: Due to changes at the Wyoming and Kansas highways pages, I had to update the links for all roads going into those states. Also put links for highways in the 100-299 and 300+ sections, which I apparently missed when I first implemented this web site.

6/4/2000: Added a couple photos taken by Bugo from M.T.R., while he was road-tripping through Nebraska. These can be found on the Highway 61-100 page, and the Highway 100-300 page. Also added some information provided by Steve Moreland, about old I-580. Thanks guys!

2/21/2000: Added the "Nebraska Highway Facts" page.

2/2/2000: Since it's been quite awhile since I've updated the page, I decided to use it for my experimentation in making "framed" pages. The old page will be kept around for those non-frame fans, using the address ending in "nehwy2.html".

8/17/1999: Added pictures of (incorrect) US-370, NE-2/NE-71, and I-129/US-20/US-75 to the appropriate route listings. Added a link to my road trips page.

1/16/1999: Original version of NE Highways page.