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Nebraska Highways 31 to 60
South end of N-25AEast end of N-25A
There seems to be some discrepancy on the type of highway that N-25A is designated. The Nebraska route log indicates it as a regular state highway, indicated on the left at its southern junction with US-6. However, the northeast end is marked as a spur highway (right). (Photos by Dennis Smith.)

Pre-1927 Route Decommissioned
since 1975
Current assignment
Name Details

Alignment: US-30 southwest of Kennard to N-50 north of Louisville

Distance: 36.31 miles

Multiplexing: Shared alignment with US-6 for 11.41 miles, from Gretna to Elkhorn

History and Notes: 1926 alignment consisted of segment between US-30 and US-6. By 1936, the northern terminus was moved northward about 15 miles to Fletcher. By 1947, this northern segment became part of N-93, and N-31 was brought back to its original northern terminus.

On the south end, a segment between US-6 and US-73/75 at Omaha was added by 1933. By 1936, N-31 was rerouted south from Ralston to US-73/75 at Fort Crook, then looped back north through Bellevue to end at US-73/75 again. Between 1955 and 1961, the southern terminus was brought back to US-6 at Elkhorn. Around 1966, it was extended back south along US-6 to I-80, then curving south and east to intersect N-50 at Meadow; this had previously been part of N-85 (which was then applied to the old N-31 alignment from Ralston to Papillion). This configuration remains in place today.

N-32 Alignment: Petersburg (N-14) to Tekamah (US-75)

Distance: 100.89 miles

Multiplexing: Shared alignment with N-45 for 4.9 miles, between Petersburg and Madison; and with US-275 through West Point (0.6 mile)

History and Notes: Original (mid 1920's) alignment went from about 10 miles west of Albion to Newman Grove, then north and east to Madison; this was numbered as N-18 in the 1922 numbering system. (Only the segment west of Madison is part of the current alignment). By 1936, the west end had been expanded to the Cedar River northwest of Spalding, and a separate east segment was added from Aloys to West Point. By 1947, the segments west of Albion had become part of N-91, and the segments of N-32 between Madison and West Point were slowly connected. Further extension to Tekamah occurred in 1957, using a decommissioned segment of US-73W.

Old N-33

Alignment: Howe to Kansas border south of Dawson

History and Notes: Designated in the mid 1920's; changed to part of US-75 in 1926.


Alignment: Dorchester (US-6/N-15) to US-77 west of Roca

Distance: 25.66 miles

Multiplexing: Shared alignment with N-103 for 2.4 miles through Crete

History and Notes: Designation in place by 1926; previously was N-9A.


Omaha-Lincoln-Denver Hwy
Omaha- Lincoln- Denver Highway

Alignment: Colorado border (US-34) northwest of Hagler to Iowa border (US-34) at Plattsmouth

Distance: 383.12 miles

Intersecting Interstates: I-80 south of Grand Island and at Lincoln; I-180 at Lincoln

Freeway Segments: 4 miles in Lincoln (co-sign with I-180)

NHS: Grand Island to Hastings

Multiplexing: Shared alignment with N-61 around Benkelman (3 miles); US-6 from Culbertson to Hastings (140.31 miles); with US-83 through McCook; with N-44 for 2 miles either side of Axtell; with US-281 from Grand Island to Hastings (22 miles); with N-2 for 6.7 miles from Grand Island east; with US-81 for 1 mile north of York; with I-180 through Lincoln (3.47 miles); with US-75 from Plattsmouth to Union (13 miles)

Multi-Lane Segments: Hastings to Grand Island; northwest and east side of Lincoln

History and Notes: US-34 was extended west from Iowa to Grand Island in 1936, along the N-11 alignment. It was further extended in 1939, into Colorado, using N-3.

A toll bridge is present at the Iowa border. Studies are being done on a new replacement bridge.

Attractions Along the Way: Massacre Canyon Monument (east of Trenton); Museum of the High Plains (McCook)

Follow This Highway Across: Colorado, Iowa, and Illinois

Links: NDOR's Plattsmouth Bypass Page

Old N-34

Alignment 1: Loup City to Wolbach
Alignment 2: US-77 at Swedesburg to US-6 at Ashland

History and Notes: Alignment 1 was designated around 1926. Most of this route became part of N-16 by 1933, then changed to N-92 in 1936. Alignment 2 was in place in 1933 and was changed to N-63 (current designation) by 1936, presumably to avoid conflict with nearby US-34.


Grainland Hwy
Grainland Highway

Alignment: US-275 on east side of Norfolk to South Sioux City (I-129/US-20/US-75)

Distance: 69.48 miles

Intersecting Interstates: I-129 at South Sioux City

Multiplexing: Shared alignment with N-9 from near Wakefield to Emerson (6.95 miles)

History and Notes: Designation in place by 1926.

The Nebraska Department of Roads is studying whether N-35 should be multi-laned from Norfolk to South Sioux City. Follow the link below for more information.

Links: NDOR's Highway 35 Project Page


Black Hills Trail
Black Hills Trail

Alignment: US-275 southeast of Fremont to US-75/I-680 junction on north side of Omaha

Distance: 23.79 miles

Intersecting Interstates: I-680 on north side of Omaha

Multi-Lane Segments: Between N-133 and the North Omaha Airport

History and Notes: Designation in place by 1926. Part of the "Black Hills Trail" and numbered N-22 in 1922.

N-36 was realigned in the spring of 2002, to meet up with a new US-275 freeway southeast of Fremont.

Old N-37

Alignment: Gretna to Omaha

History and Notes: This route originally ran along the south side of the Omaha area, and dates to the 1920's. In 1933, it went east from Gretna (US-6) to Papilion, ending (speculation on my part) at N-31. By 1947, it was routed north and went through Millard before ending at N-38, and the old alignment became part of N-50. The designation was dropped by 1955, when it was renumbered as N-370.

Old US-38

Alignment: Colorado border west of Haigler to Omaha

History and Notes: Original 1926 route, decommissioned in 1932 and turned into part of US-6.

Follow This Route Across: Colorado

Links: Dale Sanderson's END US-38 Page

Old N-38 (I)

Alignment: Silver Creek to west of Osceola

History and Notes: Designation from the 1920's; renumbered N-39 (current designation) in 1926.

Old NE-38 (II)

Alignment: Jct. US-275/N-92 on the far southwest side of Omaha to Jct. I-480/US-75 at Martha St. in Omaha

Distance: 11 miles, all within the city of Omaha

History and Notes: Designation in place by 1936. The east end followed Center St. and Saddle Creek Road in Omaha, ending at Dodge St. (ALT US-30). This replaced N-16 and an old alignment of US-6.

An extension of N-38 after 1947 brought the route northwest onto what had been N-8, to N-133. Around 1977, N-38 was rerouted east from the Saddle Creek Road curve, east on Center St. to end at I-480; the Saddle Creek Road segment became unnumbered, and the Maple St. to N-133 segment became secondary route L28K.

On January 1, 2003, N-38 was decommissioned. According to an article in the Omaha World Herald, the beginning of the end came in the 1990's, when the city planned to widen 72nd St. under N-38. Squeezing in the new 72nd St. lanes under the existing N-38 bridge would be too tight, so the city and state came to an agreement about rebuilding the N-38 bridge, and turning the route over to the city.


Alignment: N-14 southeast of Albion to N-92 west of Osceola

Distance: 42.05 miles

Multiplexing: Shared alignment with N-22 for 1.2 miles through Genoa

History and Notes: Designation in place by 1933. The Albion to Osceola segment was part of N-14 in 1926, and N-49 (Albion to Genoa) in 1922.

In the 1960's, the route was extended east from Albion 12 miles, then north to Tilden, replacing N-135. By 1975, this northern segment became part of the current N-45.


Alfalfa Trail
Alfalfa Trail

Alignment: Arnold (N-92) to Glenwood Park (N-10)

Distance: 85.74 miles

History and Notes: The "Alfalfa Trail" was the name of this route in 1922. N-40 designated around 1933; at the time, it extended west along what is now N-92 to end at US-183 (current N-97) near Tryon. The segment west of Arnold was renumbered between 1955 and 1961.


Alignment: Clay Center (N-14) to N-50 north of Tecumseh

Distance: 103.64 miles

Multiplexing: Shared alignment with US-81 for 1 mile south from Geneva; with N-15 for 1 mile, west of Wilber; and with US-77 for 1.5 miles east of Clatonia.

History and Notes: Designated in 1926; was previously N-25.

Old N-42

Alignment: Adams (N-41) to N-2 near Palmyra

History and Notes: Was assigned by 1932, replacing N-25A, along what is now the south segment of N-43. Designation changed between 1955 and 1961.


Alignment: Eagle (US-34) to Adams (N-41)

Distance: 30.21 miles

Multiplexing: Shared alignment with N-2 for 5.2 miles west from Palmyra

History and Notes: Segment between US-34 and N-2 was originally designated N-42; this was changed between 1955 and 1961.


Alignment: Kearney (US-30) to N-4 south of Wilcox

Distance: 31.52 miles

Intersecting Interstates: I-80 at Kearney

Multiplexing: Shared alignment with US-6 for 4.09 miles around Axtell

History and Notes: N-44 designation in place by 1926, on the Kearney to N-7 (current US-6) segment, replacing N-7A. The segment between US-6 and N-4, which had been numbered as N-45, became part of N-44 by 1936.

Attractions Along the Way: Fort Kearny State Historical Park (Kearney)

Old N-45

Alignment 1: N-7 (current US-6) west of Axtell to N-22 (current US-183) west of Ragen
Alignment 2: Sweetwater (southeast of Hazard) to Loup City

History and Notes: Alignment 1 was in place in 1926, replacing N-7B. By 1936, it was absorbed by N-44 and N-4. Alignment 2 was in place by 1933. By 1947, this segment of N-45 was realigned to run from Sweetwater to Ravenna, with the old alignment switched to N-10. This was decommissioned between 1955 and 1961.


Alignment: Tilden (US-275) to N-91 south of Newman Grove

Distance: 27.07 miles

Multiplexing: Shared alignment with N-32 for 4.9 miles, about midway into the route

History and Notes: Designated in 1974. Previously (since at least 1961) was N-39, and before that (since early 1950's) was N-135.


Alignment: US-6/US-34 north of Oxford to N-89 west of Stamford

Distance: 12 miles

History and Notes: Designated in 1926, replacing N-3B.


North segment: N-40, 15 miles west of Callaway, to N-23, 2 miles east of Farnam.
South segment: Cambridge (US-6/US-34) to 3 miles west of Wilsonville (N-89)

Distance: North segment: 39.69 miles. South segment: 12.45 miles.

Intersecting Interstates: I-80 at Gothenburg

History and Notes: Designated in 1926, N-47 (previously N-6A) originally consisted of the Gothenburg to N-23 segment. The northward extension was made by 1933.

The southern segment was added between 1955 and 1961.

Attractions Along the Way: Pony Express Station (Gothenburg)

Old N-48

Alignment: Imperial to Champion

History and Notes: A route which existed until at least 1955, this was renumbered as N-106 by 1961. Designation changed to secondary route S15A around 1973.

Old N-49

Alignment: Arthur to N-61 at the North Platte River

History and Notes: Originally designated as N-18A in the mid 1920's, this was changed to N-61 in 1926. By 1933, N-61 was rerouted further west, and N-49 applied to the old alignment, south-southeast from Arthur to Keystone, then west to the old town of Martin (jct. US-26/North Platte River). By 1945, only the Keystone to US-26 (now N-61) segment remained. This was decommissioned after 1955, but by 1961, and all remaining segments are now unmarked county roads.


Alignment: Omaha (US-275/N-92) to Kansas border (K-63) near DuBois

Distance: 91.48 miles

Multiplexing: Shared alignment with N-66 for 1.3 miles in Louisville; with N-4 for 1.33 miles west of Table Rock; with N-65 for 3.56 miles north from Pawnee City; with N-8 for 9.44 miles between Pawnee City and Dubois.

Multi-Lane Segments: US-275/N-92 to I-80 junction

Intersecting Interstates: I-80 on far southwest side of Omaha

History and Notes: Designated by 1932, with the north terminus around Millard. By 1947, the north terminus was rerouted to go east to Papillion. By 1955, this east-west segment became N-370, and the north terminus of N-50 was returned to Millard (N-92), where it remains today.

N-50 is planned for widening, from Springfield to the southern N-66 junction just south of Louisville, during the next 5-10 years. This is approximately 8.5 miles in length.

Old N-50A

Alignment: N-50 west of Weeping Water to N-50 west of Otoe

History and notes: Designated around 1964. N-50 had been realigned a few miles west by 1961, and at the time, the Weeping Water to US-34 segment was numbered as N-434. By 1973, the numbering was changed to secondary routes S13K, S13C, and S66C, plus other unnumbered county roads.

N-51 Alignment: Wisner (US-275) to Iowa border (IA-175) at Decatur

Distance: 36.64 miles

Multiplexes: With US-75 through Decatur (0.5 mile).

History and Notes: Toll bridge at the Missouri River crossing into Iowa.

Route in place since at least 1932. However, the eastern segment has been realigned. In 1940, N-51 went south along US-77 to Lyons, then east and northeast to Decatur. By 1947, the alignment was moved north, extending from the existing N-51/US-77 junction due east to Decatur. The old segment was designated N-118 for a time, but is now an unnumbered county road.

Attractions Along the Way: John G. Neihardt Center (Bancroft)

N-52 Alignment: N-91 north of Primrose to N-14 east of Belgrade

Distance: 25.88 miles

Multiplexing: With N-56 from Cedar Rapids 1.2 miles east.

History and Notes: Designated in 1926, replacing N-18A, the route originally ran from Belgrade to Fullerton. By 1936, it was extended northwest to Primrose. Between 1955 and 1961, the southern terminus was rerouted east from Belgrade to N-14, and the northern terminus extended north from Primrose to N-91.

Old N-53

Alignment: Taylor to Elgin

History and Notes: Designated in 1926, replacing N-13A, this route originally went from Bartlett to Ericson. The extensions to the west and east occurred by 1932. By 1947, much of the Taylor to US-281 segment became part of N-91, and N-53 was limited to the Cumminsville to Elgin segment. By 1955, this last segment was renumbered to N-80, and changed to N-70 by 1961, presumably to avoid conflict with I-80.


Alignment: N-4 west of Daykin to US-136 east of Gilead

Distance: 12.04 miles

History and Notes: Designated around 1977, replacing the N-76 number (dating back to at least 1947), presumably to avoid conflict with I-76.

Old N-54

Alignment 1:Burwell to Holt County border
Alignment 2: US-75 near Howe to Verdon (US-73)

History and Notes: Alignment 1 dates back to 1926; it was previously N-11C, and became N-11 by 1933. Alignment 2 was originally part of US-73 in 1926. When US-73 was rerouted west to end near Dawson, N-54 was applied to the old alignment. By 1947, N-54 was truncated to Stella on the south end, with the previous alignment becoming part of N-62 and N-67. The remainder was decommissioned between 1955 and 1961, and is currently unnumbered.

Old N-55

Alignment: Long Pine (US-20) to US-83 (now US-183) south of Bassett

History and Notes: Designation in place by 1932, but dropped sometime between 1955 and 1961. Currently an unnumbered county road.


Alignment: Greeley (US-281) to St. Edward (N-39)

Distance: 35.28 miles

Multiplexing: Shared alignment with N-52 for 1.26 miles near Cedar Rapids

History and Notes: Designated by 1932, but also extended further southwest to Scotia (N-11), and by 1936, even further west to N-57 (current N-70). Between 1955 and 1971, the west end was pulled back to Greeley.

Old N-57

Alignment: Ord to Arcadia

History and Notes: Commissioned in 1926, to replace N-11B. This route has had many incarnations over the years:

  • 1925: N-11B
  • 1926: N-57
  • c. 1947: N-58
  • 1955: N-80
  • 1961 to present: N-70

North segment: N-12 north of Hartington to N-98 south of Carroll
South segment: US-275 north of Stanton to N-91 east of Leigh

Distance: North segment: 36.44 miles. South segment: 21.72 miles.

Multiplexing: Shared alignment with N-15 west from the junction with US-20 near Laurel (1.02 miles).

History and Notes: Designated between 1955 and 1961. The old identifier was N-115.

In November 2001, N-15 and N-57 swapped alignments north of US-20. N-57 went north from Belden, through Hartington, to N-12. N-15 went north from Laurel to meet up with N-12. An east-west multiplexed segment became a part of N-59.


Alignment: N-70 east of Arcadia to US-281 north of St. Libory

Distance: 52.73 miles

Multiplexing: Shared alignment with N-11 from Dannebrog to east of Boelus (5.05 miles); and with N-92 for a 3 mile stretch west to east through Loup City

History aand Notes: Designated in 1926, at which time it extended from Loup City to Rockville to Ravenna; it had previously been N-2A. By 1935, the north end was extended to N-57 (now N-70) east of Arcadia; the segment south of Rockville became N-68, and the end of N-58 was rerouted to N-60 near Dannebrog. It was further extended to US-281 by 1947.

Attractions Along the Way: National Liars Hall of Fame (Dannebrog) (seriously) :-)


Alignment: West segment: N-14, 9 miles south of Verdigre, to US-81 east of Magnet East segment: N-57 4 miles north of Belden to US-20/N-15 3 miles north of Laurel

Distance: West segment: 31.06 miles. East segment: 6.43 miles.

History and Notes: In 1947, this route also extended west from N-14 to O'Neill. This was pulled back to the "west segment" configuration by 1961.

In November 2001, the east segment was added, after N-15 and N-57 swapped alignments. This new N-59 segment replaced the east-west N-15/57 multiplex.

Attractions Along the Way: Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park (north of Royal)

Old N-60

Alignment 1: Valentine to South Dakota border
Alignment 2: N-92 west of St. Paul to Wood River (US-30)

History and Notes: Alignment 1 was implemented in 1926, replacing N-1E. This was changed to US-183 by 1933, and to US-83 by 1947. Segment 2 was in place by 1932. Changed to its current designation of N-11 around 1964.