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Last Update: 7/11/2006
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South Dakota Map Clips
Here are several images taken from state highway maps over the years Some of these have been displayed on the individual route pages over the years, while others are new.
SD-9 Map
Most South Dakota highways have had 2 or 3 digits. This is an example of a rare one-digit highway, SD-9, as shown on a Skelly map from 1939. It apparently linked up with its North Dakota counterpart. This designation was eliminated by 1950.
SD-8 Map
Currently, SD-20 runs nearly border to border across the northern part of South Dakota. Originally, the segment west of the Missouri River was known as SD-8. This 1964 Rand McNally atlas clip is in the extreme northwest corner of the state. SD-75, on the right side of the clip, is now the northern end of SD-79. (Image provided by David Greenberger.)
SD-53 in 1964
From the same map as above, this clip shows the projected alignment of I-90 in central South Dakota. The SD-53 segment shown here as unpaved, is still unpaved, except for about the northern 7-8 miles. SD-40 at the bottom is now SD-44. (Image provided by David Greenberger.)
I-29 in 1964
This is what the projection for I-29 looked like in 1964. The last segment wasn't completed until the early 1980's. (Image provided by David Greenberger.)
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