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South Dakota Map Clips
Here are several images taken from state highway maps over the years Some of these have been displayed on the individual route pages over the years, while others are new.
George Washington Highway
Old names for the former US-16 across South Dakota included the "Custer Battlefield Highway" and the "George Washington National Highway" (segment between Murdo and Presho). Map clip from 'Clason's South Dakota Green Guide with Road and Railway Maps', circa 1928, and provided by Steve Lockwood.
Old US-18 Alignment through Wheeler
This 1939 map shows an early alignment of the US-18/US-281 multiplex. It extended northeast from southeast of Bonesteel, to Wheeler. US-281 then extended north through Platte to US-16 east of Kimball, while US-18 went east through Lake Andes, then north to near Armour. Due to the building of the Fort Randall Dam and subsequent creation of Lake Francis Case (Missouri River), the old alignment was flooded. Thus, in the early 1950's, the US-18/US-281 multiplex went southeast to Fairfax, then hugged the Nebraska border before curving northeast to the new town of Pickstown. The multiplex went north to Lake Andes. US-281 was realignned 20 miles east, and the two routes diverged south of Armour. The US-281 segment from Platte to US-16 became part of SD-45, while the new US-281 alignment absorbed SD-41.
Badlands in 1962
This clip from the 1962 state highway map (above) shows I-90 completed along the north side of the Badlands. However, the 1971 map (below) shows it as not completed. Perhaps it was initially opened as a 2-lane alignment.

Badlands in 1971
Planned Interstates in 1957Approved Interstates in 1958
When the Interstate Highway System was being planned in 1957 (left), I-90 was planned to run in the same general area that was approved in 1958 (right). However, I-29 was originally planned to run from Sioux Falls southward; the route from Sioux Falls to Fargo wouldn't exist, and further north, what is now I-29 was to be numbered as I-31. (Maps courtesy of AASHTO.)
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