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Last Update: 7/11/2006
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Updates to South Dakota Highways page:

2007 Updates:

  • 3/25/07: I went through the listings to verify the external links. I also added information on routings of the Native American Scenic Byway and the Oyate Trail. Updated information on SD-79, US-16, US-18, US-81, US-385 and added BIA-15 and historic SD-61.

2006 Updates:

  • 7/11/06: The entire site has been moved to a diffent ISP, and I used the opportunity to get a domain name, northernplainshighways.org. The domain will also be used for my North Dakota and Nebraska pages. The South Dakota page can be directly accessed using http://www.northernplainshighways.org/sdakota . I also took the opportunity to verify the external links within the page listings. Added information on the planned SD-100 arterial going around the south and east sides of Sioux Falls.

2005 Updates:

  • 3/4/05: Many updates this time around; I had been making some updates here and there since August, but never got around to uploading them. Recent map acquisitions allowed for better date timing on many routes. Split the Interstate business routes 29, 90 and 229 into separate listings. Added (unmarked) routes US-14L (had been listed as SD-14EL), US-14P, SD-20P, Business I-29P, SD-37P, SD-38P, Business I-90P, US-212P. Added historical SD-26. Updated many of the links going to other sites.

2004 Updates:

  • 8/22/04: Added SD-235, under construction in Rapid City. Added information on Business US-14 and Truck SD-37, courtesy of Dale Sanderson. Switched SD-136 to "historical" status. Corrected history of US-18 and US-212; I had previously indicated that these were not designated initially, although an official publication from 1927 indicates otherwise.
  • 3/20/04: Updated construction information for I-29, and added information on construction on SD-42, SD-44, and I-90. Added a link to the Heartland Expressway homepage to the SD-79 and US-385 pages.

2003 Updates:

  • 11/20/03: Finished remaining county by county history maps. Reinstated historical SD-85. Due to a 1927 map acquisition, updated several histories for routes numbered between 1 and 90.
  • 10/25/03: Replaced shield markers by those created at David Kendrick's Shields Up page. Updated construction projects on US-12 and US-83.
  • 7/5/03: Marked the 5th anniversary of the South Dakota Highways Page by beginning to create graphical highway alignment histories, county by county. Currently about half of these are completed. Added photos from a recent trip through Iowa to the photo and trip report page. Updated information on SD-34, SD-37, and US-83 regarding construction projects on those routes.
  • 4/13/03: As a result of some E-mail correspondence with Nathan Barton, I did some updates to the following routes: SD-40, SD-71, SD-79, SD-89, SD-244, US-385. Thanks Nathan!
  • 3/1/03: Added information on planned replacement of the US-81 Meridian Bridge in Yankton. Added links to new Montana homepage, and for routes going across Montana.
  • 2/7/03: Updated links for the Highway Heaven exit lists, and also for routes going into Minnesota, due to homepage relocations. Removed information on speculated routes I-129 and I-429.

2002 Updates:

  • 12/15/02: Added historical routes SD-81 and SD-83, and removed historical SD-85. Updated SD-42, SD-45, SD-47, historical SD-54, historical SD-59, historical US-85E, SD-87.
  • 11/27/02: As a result of several recent map acquisitions, I have been able to update about 2/3 of the route histories, especially in the routes numbered below 100. Specific updates have been labeled for the routes involved. The most significant updates involve the following routes: US-14A, US-16A, SD-25, SD-38, historical SD-40, SD-44, SD-47, SD-63, historical US-77, SD-79, US-81, and US-281. Also added historical US-16A.
  • 11/22/02: Added historical SD-15Y, and updated SD-109 as a result. Updated historical routes SD-52 and SD-514.
  • 11/9/02: Split the map clips from the photos page onto a separate page and added more clips. Updated some of the images at the top of the route pages.
  • 11/6/02: Updated text pages to make them HTML 4.01 compliant. Minor edits to several routes that referenced "by 1940"; I was able to push back the dates to "by 1938". Updated links for routes going into Iowa, due to a homepage relocation.
  • 10/1/02: Updated the layout of the pages, also making it HTML 4.01 compliant. Added information on US-14 history.
  • 9/19/02: Added a new photo on the Highways 31-60 page (thanks Neil Brantley!) and updated information on US-83 expansion plans. Updated SD-37 to its fairly new (1998) link to NE-14.
  • 8/8/02: Repaired links to the Yamamoto highway pages. Added historical information on SD-25. Updated text pages to add additions from the last 2 updates to the graphical pages.
  • 6/23/02: Removed dead links and modified others. Added links to SD-34/US-14-83 reconstruction in Ft. Pierre, I-29 reconstruction in Sioux Falls, and US-385 reconstruction near Deadwood.
  • 4/4/02: Added BIA-9, BIA-11, BIA-12, BIA-13, BIA-19, BIA-802, BIA-803, BIA-808, and BIA-810. Updated information on BIA-2, BIA-3, SD-19, SD-25 and US-281. Added map clips of original Interstate plans in South Dakota. Updated links for routes going into Minnesota, due to a homepage relocation.
  • 3/13/02: Updated I-29 history. Added new map clips on routes 1-30 and 61-100 pages.
  • 1/19/02: Added BIA-1, BIA-7, (unposted) US-18P, and BIA-52; updated US-12, SD-25, SD-34, US-83, SD-115, SD-240, SD-244, SD-262. Corrected the Yellowstone Trail graphic, and added an off-site link to the Yellowstone Trail organization. More links to Mr. Yamamoto's SD highway mileage logs: US-18, US-18P, SD-20, SD-21, SD-22, SD-25, SD-27, SD-101, SD-106, SD-127, SD-139, SD-262.

2001 Updates:

  • 12/6/01: More links to Mr. Yamamoto's SD highway mileage logs: US-16, SD-36, SD-87, SD-238, SD-244, SD-437. Added information on Business US-16 in Hill City. Added links to Kurumi's I-190 page, and AARoads' Heartland Expressway page. Fixed some bad links within I-29, US-81, US-83, US-85, US-281, and US-385.
  • 11/18/01: Added information on unposted SD-12P and SD-14EL, and split off US-14A and US-16A into separate sections. Changed the web address to SDDOT. Provided links for SD-10, SD-11, US-12, SD-13, US-14, and SD-15, SD-273 to Mr. Yamamoto's SD highway mileage logs. Other mostly minor updates, based on 2002 Rand McNally atlas. Presented information on SD-115 realignment in Sioux Falls. Modified the Web Ring links.
  • 6/11/01: Introduced a text-only version of the page. Updated a few other links as well.
  • 5/19/01: Updated links for roads going into Iowa, due to relocation of the Iowa Highways Page. Also fixed the links on the Midwest Roads and Highways Webring. Added new shield graphics, introducing a style used in the 1970's.
  • 3/17/01: Added historical US-216. Updated some shield graphics, mainly for the original SD routes and the old US routes. Updated some of the SD route shields for a style used in the late 1940's, if the route only existed around that time. Fixed some of the off-site links.

2000 Updates:

  • 11/17/00: Added additional "attractions along the way", along with web page links where available. Updated BIA highway graphics.
  • 11/15/00: Added links on the main page for road condition reports from SDDOT, and for weather reports from the National Weather Service, and the Weather Underground site. Added some information on the US-16 Bypass in Rapid City. Updated US-16, SD-37, SD-38, SD-236, SD-240. Changed SD-298 to "decommissioned". Updated several of the links to outside pages.
  • 9/12/00: Added some photos to the photo page, taken by Ed Wilson on his trip through the state in August 2000. Also added named-route shields in a few areas. Right now, I have US-12, US-14, US-16, and US-385 historical named routes available.
  • 7/28/00: Added information on planned I-129/I-429 alignment around North Sioux City. Updated the links to other states, that were within the route listings. These hadn't been checked in a couple years. (Sorry!)
  • 7/20/00: Added some new scanned images from maps of 1939, 1962, and 1971. These can be found on the South Dakota Signs and Pictures page, as well as on the route listings pages for Highways 1-30, and 61-100. Added historical routes SD-40A and SD-116. Also added a link to information on reconstruction of I-229. Divided SD-32 and SD-40 into old and new segments.
  • 5/6/00: Switched to a frames format. Additional map acquisitions from 1953, 1957, 1964, and 1974 allowed clarifications on many route listings. Reinstated historic SD-101 and clarified alignment of historic SD-102. Also, a review of current South Dakota state laws regarding highways revealed the following: SD-136, SD-249, and historic routes SD-296, SD-439, SD-365, SD-443, SD-435, SD-214, and SD-245. Switched SD-264 and SD-423 to historic status, and modified information for unmarked SD-230. Added links to Michael Adams's exit listings for all interstates in South Dakota. Since these are more up to date than my current I-229 exit listing, I have removed that link. Also added a link on the I-90 section, regarding reconstruction in Rapid City.
  • 2/29/00: Added several scanned clips from the 1964 Rand McNally, putting them in the sign and picture gallery.

1999 Updates:

  • 8/17/99: Added historic SD-24A. Tweeked some entries, due to information from maps of 1939, 1941, and 1950's-era. Changed background and text color. Added a couple small pictures on some of the route listings pages.
  • 7/3/99: Removed historic SD-101, as it was the same as historic SD-102. Added SD-298. Added some details to SD routes 10, 11, 15, 17, 20, 28, 37, 40, 42, 44, 46, 79, and historic routes 38A and 105.
  • 6/17/99: Added historic routes SD-101, SD-103, and SD-147; added secret routes SD-236, SD-248, and SD-423. Added some details to SD-203, SD-230, and SD-258.
  • 5/23/99: Got the pictures back from my trip to South Dakota, so I have updated the pictures page. Also added a link to my new photo and trip report page, which also contains non-SD-related trips. In the near future, I will be adding listings for some "secret" SD routes.
  • 3/21/99: Created new shields for the Bureau of Indian Affairs highways; added highway multiplexes; added additional attractions to some routes; made minor modifications to some of the highway alignments; added SD-134.
  • 1/30/99: Created a new page, an exit listing for I-229. I'm going on memory here, so hopefully I didn't make any mistakes. :-) I also added color bars on the highway listings pages, to represent when historical routes were decommissioned.
  • 1/24/99: Made modifications to the front page; added a couple pictures to the Signs page (courtesy of Rich Carlson); removed the separate page of links and added the contents of it to the individual route listings. I also updated the URL's to the routes going into Iowa and Nebraska.

1998 Updates:

  • 12/17/98: I've updated most of the highway listing details (mostly for highways numbered below 100), due to information from the 1940 and 1950 Rand McNally atlases which I have obtained on loan. I've also added historical highways SD-9, SD-35, SD-43, SD-54, and ALT US-85. Deleted SD-117 and historical SD-47 (merged it with the current SD-47 listing).
  • 11/22/98: Fixed broken graphic for SD-48. Updated graphics for US and Interstate routes. Added historic SD-52. Updated SD-71 and SD-79 sections. Added missing distances on SD-144 and SD-153 sections. Added sign graphic page (with a credit and link to Kurumi's SignMaker), and added links to the sign graphic page on all other pages.
  • 11/11/98: Added SD-203 and SD-258 to the listings. Modified SD-224.
  • 10/7/98: Added the following routes: BIA-3, BIA-10, SD-144, SD-153, SD-204, SD-230, SD-238, SD-262, SD-314, SD-324, SD-437, SD-445, historic SD-218. Modified the following routes: US-18, US-212, BIA-2, BIA-4, BIA-21, BIA-32, SD-50, SD-1804, SD-1806, old SD-20 Spur.
  • 9/30/98: Added SD-48 to the listings; modified a few sign graphics; added links on the listings pages to routes that continue outside of South Dakota; changed background.
  • 9/16/98: Added SD-71, SD-239, SD-251, SD-473, and BIA-21 to the listings; modified SD-37, SD-63, SD-471 listings; added additional attractions for various routes.
  • 8/12/98: Added Highway Links page; modified sign graphics.
  • 7/4/98: Original version of SD Highways page.