Pictures of South Dakota

This page will have pictures of various signs and sights across South Dakota. If you wish to make any contributions to this page, E-mail me, and I'll put your photo up with proper credit.

Exit 191 on I-90

There are a few exits across the state where all there is on the sign is the exit number, and the distance or directional arrow. This one is on I-90 westbound, just outside of Murdo. However, eastbound traffic would see this exit labeled as Business Loop I-90. The discrepancy is because (I'm hypothesizing here) that westbound traffic would have to backtrack to go on BL-90 again (it intersects with the US-83 junction a couple miles east).

US-16A Shield #1 US-16A Shield #2

Two examples of how an alternate US route is signed in South Dakota. Both of these were taken in the Black Hills.

Other 'alternate' routes in the state include Alternate US-14 in the northern Hills, Truck Bypass US-14/US-83 around the east side of Pierre, Truck Bypass US-16 on the southeast side of Rapid City; Bypass US-18 in Hot Springs, and Bypass US-14 near Brookings. (Photos courtesy of Rich Carlson, of the Illinois Highways page.)

Start of I-229

I-229 extends around the east and south sides of Sioux Falls. The north end, at I-90, is interesting in that if you continue a very short distance north past I-90, the road immediately turns into a rural dirt road. If your heading south on the dirt road, it evolves into a freeway in a short distance. This is how the road looks, facing south, as you approach I-90. Photo courtesy Ed Wilson.

End of I-229

A view of the same intersection, facing north past the I-90 interchange. Photo courtesy Ed Wilson.

Business I-229

I-229 also has its own business loop through town. Photo courtesy Ed Wilson.

Business I-229

Note the extra "I-" in the Business I-229 shield. Photo courtesy Ed Wilson.

English/Metric Speed Limits

Some of the newer speed limit signs in South Dakota feature both English and metric units. This was on SD-50, at the SD-11 junction, north of Elk Point.

For reference, the speed limits in South Dakota are: 75 mph for freeways (65 mph in Rapid City, Sioux Falls, and North Sioux City), 65 mph for rural state and US routes, and 55 mph for county routes.

I-29 north of SD-50

An I-29 shield, located just north of the SD-50 interchange. There are still many shields in SD with the state name in them. However, newer shields installed on I-90 do not.

Old US-16 near the Badlands

This shot is looking south onto I-90, just east of the Badlands. If you'll note, you can see a third carriageway in the distance. This is the former US-16 alignment, now unsigned SD-248. The shot was a bit blurry, because I was fighting a 45 mph wind at the time.

South end of SD-79

This is the south end of SD-79, where it meets US-18/US-385 east of Hot Springs. It is part of the "Heartland Expressway", which will link Denver and Rapid City. Currently, the expressway part extends about 15 miles south from Rapid City, to SD-36.

North End of SD-71

This is the north end of multi-state Highway 71. It ends at US-18 in Hot Springs. The southern end is near LaJunta, CO.

SD-71 south of Hot Springs
A view of southbound SD-71, south of Hot Springs.
SD-71 Northbound

Looking north on SD-71, on the plains of southern Fall River County.

X Marks the Spot Sign

South Dakota posts these signs at the scene of a fatal traffic accident. This has been going on since the early 1980's. The sign says "X Marks the Spot. Think! Drive Safely." On the back, instead of the word "THINK", it says "WHY DIE?". This sign is at the SD-71/SD-471 junction in Fall River County, SD.

Lewis and Clark Trail

SD-1804 is part of the Lewis and Clark Trail. This photo was taken near Mobridge. (Photo courtesy of Bob Spoerl.)

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